Standing by the Rights of Individuals




At Mack & Associates, LLC we charge a either a flat fee or an hourly fee for criminal and DUI cases. Every case is different. For flat fees, a criminal defense attorney must estimate the number of hours he or she thinks he will need to devote to your case. This flat fee includes representation for and defense of the entire case at the trial court level. Either type of fee arrangement requires attending all court appearances and defending the case at the trial level from start to finish. With flat fees, you will know exactly what your maximum legal fee will be no matter how long the case continues or how many court appearances are ultimately required. 

Flat fees are based on the severity level of the charges, the potential sentencing risk you face, the complexity of your case, the skill, experience and knowledge required to perform proper representation, the range of fees customarily charged by practitioners of comparable skill, ability and experience for representation in similar matters, the reputation and ability that is offered as counsel, and /or the likelihood that the efforts and resources devoted to your case or any conflict of interest that is inherent to the case may preclude me from accepting other engagements.  We accept cash, check or credit cards for payment.


When hired to represent you in your case, we will provide a written agreement. We require that the fees associated with my representation are paid prior to filing an entry of appearance in any case. We avail myself as the client's full-time attorney, and services are only complete when the case is resolved by way of dismissal, placement of diversion, or sentencing at the trial level. We will represent clients in the defense of charges in court including: attending all court appearances, obtaining legal discovery of police reports and evidence, supervising necessary investigations and reviewing results with the client, conducting all necessary legal research, filing appropriate briefs with the court and providing representation at all necessary hearings and conferences.